Pickup - 11/8

Published on 8 November 2023 at 16:55

November, 2023

Another successful pickup today! Today the team was able to save 99.3 pounds of kitchen scraps from landfills (about a third of this was pumpkins which compost very fast, so they were a great addition to the team's pile!). So far, two and a half weeks in, the team has saved a total of 194.1 pounds of kitchen scraps from landfills! Today, unlike previous weeks, where we put the scraps into bins, we started what the team hopes to be a hot composting pile. We layered "browns" (leaves and cardboard) and kitchen scraps. We hope this pile will reach a temperature appropriate for hot composting (141-155 degrees Fahrenheit). We will keep you posted! Check out the photo gallery for more pictures including the compost pile! 

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