Pickup - 11/15

Published on 15 November 2023 at 16:55

November, 2023

Today we were able to save 45.7 pounds of kitchen scraps from landfill. So far, a bit over three weeks in, we have saved a total of 239.8 pounds of kitchen scraps from landfill. Unfortunately, we did not achieve our goal of 100 pounds this week, however, hopefully we will next week, especially with the addition of 4 more households! This week, we began utilizing large bins at pick up. This streamlines the pick up process as we simply empty your bins into our larger bins saving us having to take and return your bins. This makes our job much quicker and allows us to cover more houses in shorter amounts of time. We're expecting large amounts of kitchen scraps in the next few weeks, due to Thanksgiving! 

Thanks again to all the participating households! 

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