Pickup - 11/22

Published on 22 November 2023 at 15:14

November, 2023

Today we saved 83.4 pounds of kitchen scraps from landfill! We also added a lot of garden waste to the pile.  We do not include garden waste in the recorded waste as we only include the weight of scraps we have definitely diverted from landfill.

We still have not hit 100 pounds in one week, however with Thanksgiving coming up, hopefully we will hit it next week!

Our compost pile reached 120 degrees last week for three days before it began cooling.  Today we moved the entire pile, incorporating the new kitchen scraps aerating the entire pile.  The new pile is significantly larger, and it is our hope that, despite the cooler temperatures outside, the pile will heat up quickly and maintain active compost temperatures for longer.  We will keep you posted!

Thanks again to all the participating households! 

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