First Steps

Published on 24 October 2023 at 12:09

September, 2023

Mariam, Noah and Addison started off with huge ambition.  They decided they would like to involve all the houses in their immediate neighborhood in this project.  They reached out to various organizations and businesses for help and advice.  They also visited Greenwich Land Trust on Round Hill Road, to learn about their composting and see their efforts in action.

What became apparent is the need for a central, publicly accessible location for the Composting site.  The eventual hope is to source such a location for the composting initiative but the team quickly realized it would be difficult to persuade others to offer land for this use without having proved their composting initiative not only works but dramatically improves the local area.  As a result the team decided to run a pilot scheme with just a few houses.  The composting site would be Mariam's back yard.  The hope is a successful pilot will empower the team to realize their initial ambition of launching a truly local, community based composting program.  Time will tell......

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