Pick up - 12/21

Published on 13 December 2023 at 12:18

December, 2023

Due to change in schedule in the last two weeks we had more more kitchen scraps than usual - a total of 126lbs taking our grand total of kitchen scraps saved from landfill to 815lbs.  Our pile has got a bit too big and heavy to handle and so we have now divided into two.  One with aeration, the other without.  It will be interesting to see the temperature difference between them, we will be able to see if our aeration design works or not!  Unfortunately the temperature has dropped right down but we are not giving up.  We reached out to the Community Compostong Coalition for advice and some more seasoned composters suggested we amend our recipe. Currently we are adding leaves for our browns but apparently leaves are a bit dense.  The advice was to add wood chips or another composting material which holds its form a bit better.  We will try this.  Another piece of advice was to insulate with straw bails - we will try this as well!  One thing we have learned about the composting community is that there is a wonderful network of support.  For this we are truly grateful and we won't give up!

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Andrew Lane
5 months ago

Keep on going guys, it seems as if you are making good progress and also learning lots as you go along.