Pick up - 1/26

Published on 28 January 2024 at 20:16

January, 2024

We are missing one household this week and so the kitchen scraps weighed in a little less than usual at 78.6 lbs, although not meeting our minimum goal of 100lbs, it is still fantastic to save all of these scraps from landfill and convert to wonderful compost for our yards.

Next week we should have significantly more as, thanks to a generous donation, we have three new compost bins and we will be adding three new households this week to our route taking our compost community to 13 households.

Every scrap kept out of the trash is a win, to date our small project has saved 1,348.5lbs of kitchen scraps from landfill or 1.12 cubic yards of landfill area.  The impact is huge - over 20 years, by composting these kitchen scraps rather than throwing them in the trash, Greenwich Composting Project will reduce CO2 emissions by 53,940 US tons.  Tune in each week to see this number rise as we get closer to our goal of 10,000lbs of kitchen scraps saved from landfill in a year!

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