Pick up - 2/16

Published on 16 February 2024 at 13:07

February, 2024

Today we collected 44.2 pounds of kitchen scraps. But it is Greenwich February break so most households were away. We are hoping that next week we will be able to reach our 100 pound (or more) goal. Just as a reminder, here is a list of everything you can compost as somebody asked for a reminder! 

  1. Fruit and vegetable scraps (including peels, cores, rinds)
  2. Coffee grounds and filters (THIS IS GREAT FOR COMPOST!!!) 
  3. Tea bags (remove staples/any plasic parts if any)
  4. Eggshells (The worms love eggshells!) 
  5. Nutshells (avoid walnut shells as they can contain toxins harmful to plants)
  6. Grains (cooked or uncooked)
  7. Bread (as long as there is no butter or anything with dairy on it) 
  8. Pasta (cooked or uncooked - again, as long as there is no dairy/fat on it)
  9. Cereal (stale or spoiled - as long as there are no dairy products on it)
  10. Pizza crusts
  11. Popcorn kernels and unpopped popcorn (as long as there is no butter on it!) 
  12. Moldy or expired food from the refrigerator (again no dairy or fat!) 
  13. Herbs and spices (fresh or dried)
  14. Stale spices and herbs
  15. Old jams, jellies, and preserves
  16. Paper towels and napkins (unbleached and dye-free)
  17. Paper bags
  18. Newspaper 
  19. Cardboard (with no tape/plastic) 
  20. Paper plates (uncoated and free of contaminants)
  21. Paper egg cartons 
  22. Paper cupcake or muffin liners (unbleached)
  23. Brown paper bags
  24. Hay and straw
  25. Plant trimmings and prunings
  26. Flowers and dead plants
  27. Houseplant trimmings and clippings
  28. Sawdust (untreated wood only)
  29. Wood chips and shavings (untreated)
  30. Pine needles 
  31. Fireplace ashes (in small amounts and only from untreated wood)
  32. Cotton fabric scraps (natural fibers only)
  33. Wool fabric scraps
  34. Hair and pet fur (human or animal)
  35. Feathers
  36. Dryer lint (from natural fibers only)
  37. Vacuum cleaner dust (from untreated floors)
  38. Matches and wooden toothpicks (if made from wood)

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