Delivery Day! - 7/5

Published on 5 July 2024 at 15:06

July, 2024

Today, we got a lot accomplished! It was a great feeling giving away 90 pounds of our finished compost to the participating households. This is just the beginning of what we started out hoping to do and we are preparing to continue this trend as more compost becomes ready. We have already heat treated hundreds of pounds of compost in anticipation of us selling them to cover our initial costs of starting this program. For anyone interested in buying compost from this point, the cost will be $7.50 per 10 pound bag-- please let us know if you would like the bags of compost as soon as possible.


In addition, this week, we collected 192 pounds of kitchen scraps even with the absence of a few households which will contribute to the growing compost pile a lot. We were so close to the 200 pound mark-- hopefully we will reach it soon!

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